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Embark on an enchanting journey into the heart of a mysterious and isolated forest in this story heavy adventure game.


Iki and Tika know nothing else but what the forest has taught them but will it be enough to survive and unveil the extraordinary secrets lurking within.


Follow them into a captivating, lush and atmospheric environment where dangerous creatures and human raiders are threatening the siblings with unforeseen challenges.


"Children of the Forest" is a tale told from Iki’s perspective. With determination, kindness and a quirky personality - she is eager to face the world with all its wonders, struggles and tragedies.


In between the spectacles of exploration and story - Iki and Tika find themselves expanding their home, learning to cook, sew new clothing, care for animals, building their garden, and more!

Follow along Iki in her relic hunting endeavours to find forgotten and powerful ancient relics buried deep within the unknown areas of the forest.

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