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2023-12-04 - Children of the Forest demo release!



Children of the Forest is in full development and we’re getting closer to the full release everyday! Nevertheless, there is much more to do and the game will only be released once we feel that it is ready.

However, it is with great excitement and anxiety that I just now clicked the demo release button as we, for the very first time, are ready to show the world a small piece of the game for everyone to try out!

With that said, please check out the demo version of Children of the Forest on steam:

If anyone is interested to join our small little community please join us on our discord server:


All the best!

2023-09-28 - Game reveal "Children of the Forest".

Hello, everyone!


The time has come, a moment I've been eagerly awaiting and, to be honest, feeling a bit nervous about…


About a year and a half ago, I began crafting a world from scratch, a world filled with stories, mysteries, and exploration. This world became "Children of the Forest."


I've been incredibly fortunate to pour so much of my time and passion into this project. It's been a deeply personal endeavour, one where I get to call the shots, chart my own course, and let my creativity run wild.


I founded my game studio to make sure nobody could ever change my vision or take away the essence of what I wanted to create. And now, after countless hours of work, I'm thrilled to introduce you to "Children of the Forest."


This project isn't just a game to me; it's a piece of my heart and soul. I've dedicated myself to making it something I'm genuinely proud of and can't wait to share with all of you.


I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey. I'll be sharing updates now and then as we get closer to the game's release. I'm excited to finally invite everyone out there to follow along on this ride.


If you're as eager as I am, you can show your support by wish-listing the game on Steam. It makes a huge difference to an indie developer like me. ;)


Thank you for taking your time to read my wall of text. 


With heartfelt gratitude,


Rennert Games

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